The Ireland Hong Kong Business Forum (IHKBF) was founded in November 2002 to enhance and increase commercial links between businesses in Ireland and the Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region).

Bilateral trade between Hong Kong and Ireland has increased dramatically over the past 5 years. For Hong Kong companies, Ireland can act as a gateway to the EU, and in the same way, Hong Kong can provide an entry point to China. For these reasons, Irish and Hong Kong SMEs are showing ever-greater interest in each other’s markets.

Our aim is to provide a forum for companies and individuals interested in Hong Kong, giving members an opportunity to network, explore business opportunities, exchange views and remain informed of developments in Hong Kong and China.

This forum provides seminars and networking events in the form of business briefings with guest speakers which will keep you updated on everything you need to know about doing business in Hong Kong.


  • To promote and facilitate trade & business opportunities between Ireland and Hong Kong
  • To promote co-operation between Ireland and Hong Kong for business and associated issues
  • To act as a channel for Hong Kong interests in Ireland
  • To promote increased cultural links, friendship, co-operation and understanding between business people in Hong Kong and Ireland.

Our members include successful Irish companies representing all areas of Ireland’s business sector including accountancy firms, bankers, consultants, distributors, exporters, high-tech companies, life science firms, legal advisers, manufacturers, marketing firms, trade specialists, venture capitalists, and various other sectors.

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